Chaburah Spotlight – Noam Levy

Noam Levy (5th Summer on Kollel, 2nd as a Madrich) has the incredible privilege of being the Madrich of a bunch of the most incredible NCSYers on Kollel 2017. The tight knit crew of Avi Chansky (Sherwood High, MD), Brandon Khanyon (Great Neck North High, NY), Alan Morgensztern (Ladue High, MO), Eitan Sedaghatfar (Great Neck North High, NY), and Eitan Szteinbaum (Golda Och/JEC, NJ) has really come together, and they have expectations of strengthening that relationship for the rest of the summer.

This summer, “The Ducks” are learning about the fundamentals in Judaism; the reasons to why and how we do things. Topics like Tefillin, Shabbos, Learning Torah, and Having a Good Character are some of the incredibly important topics they have seen. But perhaps more importantly, the relationship that the guys have made amongst each other, in addition to the relationship of the entire Chaburah as a group, has become almost unbreakable as the summer has gone by. All six members (Including the Madrich!) can often be found together in the beis, near the courts, on trips, or just handing around together all the time, something that has spurred tremendous growth and inspiration, and hopefully they will continue to grow together for many years to come.