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Final Tiyul Day

NCSY Kollel August 8, 2017

In the words of many NCSYers today, Kollel saved its best tiyul for last with an amazing day in Eilat.

Options ranged from extreme to chill to somewhere in between, and departure times ranged from 6:00 AM to as early as 11:30 PM last night.  That departure belonged to the extreme hikers of the Harei Eilat Tiyul, who drove all the way down to Eilat through the night to begin an intense hike up Eilat’s mountains in the early hours of the morning and daven shacharis at sunrise atop the mountain.  The second option, the Masada tiyul, left at 2:30 AM to do the same on Israel’s most famous mountain, climbing up and davening with the sunrise.  The final tiyul, fondly known as the “Ezra Teichman Tiyul” (paying homage to the creator of the tiyul option) was the most relaxed, leaving at 6:00 AM to go straight to Eilat and meet the other tiyulim for the second part of the tiyul day.

That part was the iconic “fun boat” of Eilat.  All three tiyulim found themselves chilling on boats in the middle of the Red Sea, jumping off the sides to swim and taking speedboats out for banana boating and tubing.  Following the boats, tiyulim either stopped at the famous Ice Mall in Eilat or, in the case of the relaxed option, visited Eilat’s aquarium, before all three tiyulim made the trek back to Beit Meir, where they were greeted with Maariv and a Burgers Bar dinner.

An amazing tiyul day capped off an incredible summer of tiyulim, and we are ready to take advantage of the rest of this week as we finish off a summer we will never forget!