Chabura Spotlight: Chaim Levtov

This is Chaim Levtov’s second summer on NCSY Kollel. After being a Madrich on NCSY Camp Sports in Baltimore, he wanted to teach and guide teenagers in our homeland in Israel. He hails from the glorious city of Great Neck, NY. He has a diverse background which starts off with four years in DRS high school, shana alef in KBY and most of shana bet in Netiv Aryeh in the old City of Jerusalem. He is currently a psychology major in Lander College for Men and hopes to pursue a career in psychology and mental health. Chaim is giving chabura on contemporary halachic topics as well as pirkei avot.

Chaim’s chabura consists of Ari Needle from Passaic, NJ (TABC); Gabi Antosofsky from Teaneck, NJ (TABC); Ovadya Yaish from Bergenfield, NJ (Heichal HaTorah); Yitzie Socol from Flushing, NY (MTA); and Michael Sutton from Brooklyn, NY (YDE).

In addition to Chaburahs, Chaim is also running the “Sfardy Party” this summer on Kollel. This is a unique opportunity for all the campers with a rich Sfardy background to appreciate their Sfardy culture with great torah from R’ Ovadya Yosef zt”l, accompanied by great food and singing. It is definitely an experience never to forget!

Chaim anticipates an amazing summer of learning, growth, and fun! It should be the Best Summer Ever!