Chabura Spotlight: Eitan Kaszovitz

Eitan Kaszovitz is returning for his 5th straight year on NCSY Kollel, and his first as a Madrich. Eitan attended DRS Yeshiva for high School, and Yeshivat Shaalvim for 2 years. Eitan uses his experiences as a camper and staff member to be the best madrich possible. Eitan will be zugging on actual real life halachic cases and scenarios that present many interesting sugyas and shailos. He presents a case and the chabura discusses the details of the halacha.

Eitan’s chabura is made up of an awesome group of guys: Moshe Klaven from Teaneck, NJ (Heichal HaTorah); Akiva Schwartz from Bet Shemesh (Horev); Elan Goldman from Merrion, PA (The Mesivta of Philadelphia); Ari Katznelson from Woodmere, NY (DRS); and Menachem Kunin from Cedarhurst, NY (DRS). This stacked Chaburah has really come together and can always be seen and heard in the Beis Medrash learning and having a great time.

Eitan anticipates an amazing summer of learning, growth, and fun! It should be the Best Summer Ever!