Chabura Spotlight: Ilan Kaissar

Ilan Kaissar is attending kollel for the first time, but he is eager to make an impact. Ilan attended Ia Crown Jewish Academy for high school, followed by a stint at Yeshivat Hakotel. Ilan brings a cool, calm, demeanor to the position as well as his refined attitude. Ilan will be studying various sugyot in Brachot with his chabura and will focus on developing an appreciation for what the Gemara has to say.

Ilan’s Chabura this summer is stacked with a super smooth line-up of young men, including a large contingent from Los Angeles consisting of Shaya Berkowitz (MBY), Elli Bobroff (VTHS), and Michael Bess (VTHS). Rounding out the group is Eli Heisler (Chofetz Chaim) from Brooklyn, NY, and Edan Bitas from Philadelphia, PA.

 Ilan anticipates an amazing summer of learning, growth, and fun! It should be the Best Summer Ever!