Chabura Spotlight: Noam Posner

Noam Posner is a former camper and now 2-time Madrich on NCSY Kollel. Noam went to YULA for High School and then Netiv Aryeh for three years. He is planning on attending Ner Yisroel. Noam has an unquenchable fire which he harnesses to maximize his teaching abilities. The chabura will have an emphasis on Nezikin sugyas such as אדם מועד לעולם, השבת אבידה, שאול שלא מדעת and a few others.

Noam’s Chaburah consists of five of Kollel’s finest: Dovid Boim, Yoel Rahmani, and Yisrael Loew from Woodmere, NY; Abe Wall from Westport, CT; and Akiva Erlbaum from Merion, PA.

Noam anticipates an amazing summer of learning, growth, and fun! It should be the Best Summer Ever!