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About The Trip

August 13th- Finishing Strong

NCSY Kollel August 13, 2019

The days of Kollel are unfortunately numbered but the days and campers are as fresh as ever. Today saw a unique schedule hit the Kollel as we try to squeeze as much as possible into our remaining days.


The usual morning shire was occupied by chaburas as madrichim took advantage of the change to inject some variety into the routine learning. This was followed by a special program detailing all of the attractions and events NCSY will be running for Kollel alumni this upcoming year. Kollel is meant to be more than a summer program and all the reunions, learning events, and shabbatons will surely reflect that. The campers walked away confident that all their work and growth over the summer would follow them into the year, as well as poised to bring the spirit of NCSY Kollel back into their communities.


The main activity of the afternoon was a trip with two options. Option 1 was bowling in Beit SHemesh which was enjoyed by all its attendees. Option 2 was a rented-out iJump Trampoline Park which saw the NCSYers flip, skip, and jump their way around some massive trampolines. Traditional games, like dodgeball, tag, and basketball, were enjoyed a little more with all the participants being able to soar through the air and perform some remarkable acrobatic feats.


The penultimate night seder was followed by one of the strongest post-Maariv learnings of the summer, with the Beis being occupied well past midnight. With so few days left, every second counts, a message which the NCSYers must have hear loud and clear.