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About The Trip

August 14th- Victory Parade

NCSY Kollel August 14, 2019

Today was a pretty amazing day on the NCSY Summer Kollel as we started the best possible way, morning shiur. Although the second to last one of the summer the learning was stronger than ever. Going into lunch the excitement in the room was palpable. Not only were the NCSYers running on a high from their morning shiurim but the playoffs were coming in the afternoon.


Great match-ups were featured as more than one game went into overtime and Danny Weinberger looked to take down the camps only undefeated team you couldn’t build more hype. Unfortunately Weinberger and his squad fell and the dream team remains unbeaten but there still we’re other upsets. Bennett Stein and his men continue to roll as they have won three straight and the Pom Poms won in double overtime. Hockey featured 1-0 games as well as a big upset where Eli Shapiro and his team showed grit to upset the number 2 team in the league.


The afternoon also featured a unique twist on the classic “All-Star” formula. 6 Basketball teams were formed based on the very best NCSYers from a particular High School or geographical location. These teams squared off in a round-robin which featured some intense rivalries, such as the Chicago crowd getting a crack at the DRS squad and “the yeshivish velt” duking it out with the team from co-ed schools. Many of these match-ups were the culmination of a summer of friendly trash talk and banter and this afternoon we finally got to see which crew would be crowned “King of the Blacktop”.


After the games “ended” (one game will be continued due to light shortages) the Kollel went to the old City for a banquet at Aish. After eating burgers bar and Doritos and enjoying an short recap video we joined together to present a gift to Rabbi Kaminetsky honoring his 25th summer. After sitting for a little it was clear the room needed to let out some energy so what better way than SHLOMO KATZ! Singing, dancing and jumping filled the room as the whole place shook. Finally after the dust settled and nachamu was sung we headed down to the kotel to daven mariv. Just a regular day on the Kollel where energy and enthusiasm are channeled into learning, sports, and dancing. How could it not be the Best. Summer. Ever.!