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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Avi Eisenstadter

kurzy July 20, 2021

Avi Eisenstadter is currently enjoying his first summer on NCSY Kollel. He attended TABC and Netiv Aryeh and is currently in his first year of YU. This is Avi’s first year as a Madrich.

Avi’s chabura is made up of 6 of the best guys around: Shua Schloss from Bergenfield (TABC), Yonah Luber from Teaneck (TABC), Nissim Zahts from Chicago (FYHS), Zach Pearl from Chicago (FYHS), Yoni Pomerantz from Lawrence (DRS), and Dovie Hirsch from West Hempstead (DRS).

This summer, Avi’s chabura will be focusing on inyanim related to the mouth/speech.

They will be learning about a variety of topics including Lashon Harah, Tefilah, Brachos and much, much more. The goal of the learning is to explore different topics related to the mouth in order to realize the power of one’s speech.

The summer has been great so far and it should only get better from here!