Chabura Spotlight: Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is returning for his second year on NCSY Kollel and his first as a Madrich. Daniel went TABC for high school and Yeshivat Torat Shraga for 2 years. Daniel uses his experiences as a staff member to create the ideal environment for learning

July 17th- Nothing Short of Legendary

The word “Legendary” gets thrown around a lot but is rarely properly applied. Yet, today on NCSY Kollel was nothing short of Legendary. From morning until late at night there were non-stop unprecedented and “can’t-miss” moments. The action began at shachris when Max Felix Ashkanazi

Chabura Spotlight: Mattew “Cook” Gross

Mattew “Cook” Gross is joining NCSY Kollel for his first summer as a madrich. Cook spent his high school years in RAMAZ, and then attended Yeshivat Orayta for a year. After a brief stint in Cornell, Mathew transferred to YU, where he will be next

Chabura Spotlight: Yair Isaacs

Yair Isaacs is returning for his fourth summer on Kollel, his first as a madrich. Yair is an alumnus of YULA and spent two years in Shaalvim. He is looking forward to attending YU in the fall. Yair is well respected amongst the rest of

Chabura Spotlight: Sruli Prero

Sruli Prero is joining the NCSY Kollel staff for the first time. After attending Skokie Yeshiva, Sruli spent 3 years learning in Shaalvim. Sruli has a fun-loving attitude and always enjoys a good chill. Sruli’s Chabura is an awesome crew that stretches across the globe.

Chabura Spotlight: Mathew Wexler

Dirty “Matthew” Wexler is returning for his third summer on the NCSY Summer Kollel, his second as a Madrich. From Teaneck, NJ, Matthew attended TABC for high school, followed by two years in Yeshivat Sha’alvim in Israel, and started YU last Fall. His Chaburah consists

Chabura Spotlight: Ben Greene

Ben Greene is returning after a 1-year hiatus for his second stint as a Kollel Madrich. Ben learnt in Yeshivat Ohr Samech and then attended Wayne State University. He currently learns in Shapell’s Darchei Noam. Ben is famous for his legendary laid -back attitude and

Chabura Spotlight: Zev Jarashow

Zev Jarashow is back on Kollel after a summer as  Junior Staff. Zev grew up and still lives in Fairlawn, NJ. Zev went to Yavneh Academy and then to TABC. He just completed 2 years in Shaalvim and will be starting YU in the fall.

July 16th- The Start of Something Special

What was otherwise a normal morning (except for the continuation of shiur trips to Aish Hatorah) was pleasantly interrupted by a visit from the best and brightest of TJJ- The TJJ Ambassadors. The Ambassadors arrived shortly after morning shiur ended and immediately joined the Kollel