Final Director’s Message – “All in One”

The NCSY Kollel is not a program that crawls to the finish line or peters out towards the end.  We finish with a bang, not a whimper.   In fact, our final week together provides a disproportionate amount of the impact and memories from the entire

“2 Seconds Everyday” – Summer 2016

A new craze sweeping the social media world, this “2 Seconds Everyday” video captures the entire NCSY Kollel Summer 2016 in 2 second video clips for every day of the summer!!! Here’s to remembering every

Banquet at Reishit

As the final day of NCSY Kollel approaches, the end-of-summer festivities began today with a banquet for the entire Kollel at Yehivat Reishit in Beit Shemesh.  After a great morning filled with the enthusiasm of the second to last day of morning shiur and an

Sports Update: Poleyeffs Day 2!!!

We are down to the final four in each league after another exhilarating day of Poleyeffs action!! In the basketball Poleyeffs, the top 3 seeds all made quick work of their opponents en route to spots in the semifinals.  Eye of the Tiger (3) beat

Kollel Guestbook 2016 – Elliot Tanzman

Elliot Tanzman, Director of NCSY Summer recruitment and former member of the Kollel himself, visits the Kollel Beis Medrash following his trip with NCSY Euro Ice, schmoozes with many of the Madrichim about their summer and the upcoming plans for NCSY Kollel. Elliot Tanzman (right)

Chaburah Spotlight – Isaac Shulman

Isaac Shulman is spending his 8th straight summer (4th as a madrich) on the NCSY Kollel. He has long been seeking, unsuccessfully, to overthrow Binyamin Kaminetzky and Asher Becker as the longest continuous member of the program. From Englewood, NJ, Isaac attended TABC high school,

Final Tiyul Day

With the finale of the summer almost in sight, Kollel enjoyed three final amazing full-day tiyuls today. The first (and earliest to wake-up) was one of the most famous Kollel tiyulim, and a true favorite of the program – Darja.  NCSYers left in the early hours

Sports Update: Poleyeffs!!!

  Playoffs?!?!  Playoffs?!?!  That’s right, it’s Poleyeff time (named after our Commish, Tzvika Poleyeff) on NCSY Kollel!!  Both the basketball and hockey playoffs are off to an exciting start, with quarterfinal games being played tomorrow. With the increase in league size to 32 teams this

Chaburah Spotlight – Binyamin Kaminetsky

Binyamin Kaminetsky is returning for his staggering ninth consecutive summer as an official member of the NCSY Kollel. After two years as an NCSYer, he subsequently served as a member of the Sports Staff and as a Jr. Madrich, before spending five years as a