BLOG -Summer 2017

Director’s Message: “Preparation”

Please do not search your emails to check if this is a resend from the first week of the summer.  We assure you that the title of this week’s email is no mistake. It’s true that the start of the NCSY Summer Kollel would have

Chaburah Spotlight – Chaim Levtov

This is Chaim Levtov’s first summer on NCSY Kollel. After being a Madrich on NCSY Camp Sports in Baltimore, he wanted to teach and guide teenagers in our homeland in Israel. He hails from the glorious city of Great Neck, NY. He has a diverse

Chaburah Spotlight – Rafi Selevan

Born in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, but bred in Teaneck, New Jersey, Rafi Selevan attended both TABC and the Frisch school. Coming out of Netiv Aryeh Shana Bet, Rafi is looking to lead an all-star Chaburah. The Chaburah features Elie Mandel from the 5 Towns,

Banquet Night

With only days left before boarding the planes home at Ben Gurion, NCSY Kollel began the end of summer “festivities” with a luxurious banquet at Yeshivat Reishit. This was, of course, after our second to last morning seder and the quarterfinal rounds in both the

Chaburah Spotlight – Menachem Mermelstein

On top of a hill in a far away land, planted right in front of the most sought after air conditioner in camp, one can find one of the most dynamic Chaburahs in all of NCSY Kollel. Led by Menachem Mermelstein from Manhattan, NY, a

Final Tiyul Day

In the words of many NCSYers today, Kollel saved its best tiyul for last with an amazing day in Eilat. Options ranged from extreme to chill to somewhere in between, and departure times ranged from 6:00 AM to as early as 11:30 PM last night.

Playoffs and Tiyul Prep

The second day of league playoffs proved to be as exciting as the first, if not more; that excitement led perfectly into our tiyul prep for tomorrow’s trips to Eilat. The day was filled with upsets and “bracket busters,” rendering many NCSYers Bracket Challenge predictions