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Banquet Night

NCSY Kollel August 9, 2017

With only days left before boarding the planes home at Ben Gurion, NCSY Kollel began the end of summer “festivities” with a luxurious banquet at Yeshivat Reishit.

This was, of course, after our second to last morning seder and the quarterfinal rounds in both the hockey and basketball playoffs, not to mention the NIT Basketball semifinals.  Tomorrow’s sports schedule may be the most exciting of the summer, with four semifinal games on tap, as well as the NIT Championship game, both 3-on-3 Tournament Championship games, and a host of All-Star games, such as NCSYer vs Rebbe basketball and Staff vs NCSYer ultimate frisbee.

Following the early sports period today, eight buses took us all the way to Beit Shemesh for the annual end of summer banquet.  This included awesome food, a seforim presentation for our Rabbeim, a siyum on Maseches Makkos by Akiva Goldman, a performance by the NCSY Kollel choir, an exciting NCSY Kollel Talent Show, and the airing of the summer recap video.  A great time was had by all, but obviously with the bittersweet feeling of knowing that the summer is winding down.

We will be sure to take advantage of every second of our final regular day on NCSY Kollel 2017 tomorrow as we say goodbye to the Best. Summer. Ever.