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Chaburah Spotlight – Rafi Selevan

NCSY Kollel August 11, 2017

Born in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, but bred in Teaneck, New Jersey, Rafi Selevan attended both TABC and the Frisch school. Coming out of Netiv Aryeh Shana Bet, Rafi is looking to lead an all-star Chaburah.

The Chaburah features Elie Mandel from the 5 Towns, Issac Forgash from Teaneck, Gavriel Kaplan from Teaneck, David Shwartzstein from the 5 Towns, and last but not least, Moshe Goldring from Miami. The Chaburah is learning sugyas pertaining to different tefillot said in davening, from the gemara all the way down to the siddur itself. Additionally, the Chaburah delves into the deep world of aggadata, trying to figure out the message chazal was trying to convey. Although these are the official topics of the Chaburah, any given day can lead to any topic that one of the members wants to discuss, ranging from who won in leagues yesterday to why we do mitzvot.

Throughout the summer, the Chaburah has developed into a close unit both during the allotted time for Chaburah and out. Whether on Ben Yehuda or in the Beis Medrash, there seems to be a constant “chill” going on. The summer has gone great so far, and with this Chaburah, it only seems to be getting better.