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About The Trip

Playoffs and Tiyul Prep

NCSY Kollel August 7, 2017

The second day of league playoffs proved to be as exciting as the first, if not more; that excitement led perfectly into our tiyul prep for tomorrow’s trips to Eilat.

The day was filled with upsets and “bracket busters,” rendering many NCSYers Bracket Challenge predictions incorrect and dashing the hopes of free Burgers Bar from plenty.  Hockey also saw its share of upsets, including the lowest seed advancing, and two of the four first round games went to intense, unlimited, sudden death overtime.  With the quarterfinals coming up Wednesday, the intensity promises not to let up.

Following the sports period, NCSYers had practically no time for their excitement to settle down as they immediately turned their attention towards tiyul prep for tomorrow.  The first tiyul option, an early morning Harei Eilat hike, actually left at 11:30 PM(!) in order to make it to Eilat in time for a pre-sunrise hike.  The other options all leave slightly later, with only Masada leaving before davening shacharis (at 2:30 AM, to be precise), but all are expected to be amazing, albeit a little tiring.

As the summer winds down, the excitement of every jam-packed day only increases, and we can’t wait to take advantage of our remaining time on Kollel!