BLOG -Summer 2018

August 9th- Don’t Want It to End

Today was the last full day of normal Kollel and it certainly packed a punch. Morning seder was cut a little short for a special presentation thanking the morning shiur rebbeim for all their fantastic work this summer. Every Rebbe received a standing ovation and

August 8th- Creating Memories

As the summer winds down, Kollel keeps getting better and better, determined to end the summer maintaining its excellent standards of learning and programing. Morning seder has been strong all week and today was no exception. The afternoon contained the Playoff quarterfinals as well as

August 7th- The Good Kind of War

Today was a day of friendly conflict and competition from start to finish. Immediately following Shachris, all off NCSY Kollel grouped into chaburas and headed to the center of Yerushalayim. Each chabura was dressed is a specific costume or matching theme. Once in Yerushalayim, the

August 6th- Playoffs!!

The last week of Kollel continues with the camp constantly striving for bigger and better moments to conclude the summer. The day kicked off with an exciting visit from Rav Shalom Rosner, who spoke to staff and campers. Rav Rosner is both a former Kollel

August 5th- Beginning of the End

As the last week of NCSY Kollel 2018 begins, the finish line for the summer is very much in sight. This has infused the campers and staff with a sense of urgency as every moment and opportunity presented must be capitalized on before the summer

Chabura Spotlight: Shloimy Eichler

Shloimy Eichler is returning to NCSY Kollel for his second year as a Staff member and first year as a madrich. After making Aliyah in 2008, Shloimy went to Sha’alei Torah in Bet Shemesh for high school. He just completed his fifth year in the

Chabura Spotlight: Etan Soclof

Etan Soclof is a former Kollel camper and staffer who is returning for his first year as a Madrich. Eitan attended Mizrachi for High School followed by 2 years at Gush. Eitan is respected amongst the staff for his hasmadah and dedication to the program.

August 2nd- Working Hard Till the End

Today marked a strong end to a strong week 5 on NCSY Kollel. The day started with a special late shachris after all the fun and excitement of the previous night in Yerushalayim. This was followed by a normal schedule until the sports break which

Chabura Spotlight: Avi Weschler

Avi Weschler is a former Kollel camper and staffer who is returning as a Madrich for the second straight year. Avi grew up in West Hempstead and attended MTA for high school. After a year of learning in Israel he returned to the Heights to

Chabura Spotlight: Eitan Rolnick

Eitan Rolnick is returning to NCSY Kollel for his second summer as a madrich on NCSY Kollel. Eitan spent his high school years in Yeshivat Frisch and then spent 2 years at Yeshivat Torat Shraga. He is currently learning and studying in YU. Eitan’s friendly