August 8th- Creating Memories

As the summer winds down, Kollel keeps getting better and better, determined to end the summer maintaining its excellent standards of learning and programing. Morning seder has been strong all week and today was no exception. The afternoon contained the Playoff quarterfinals as well as an amazing trip to the beach where 2 busses enjoyed football, spikeball, and the massive waves.

Dinner started later than usual and saw the entire Kollel enjoying Burger’s Bar under the same roof (or tent as the case may be). This dinner was, in fact, a seudas mitzva thanks to the siyum made by Yis Richter on Massechet Yoma. Dinner was immediately followed by the first half of thank-yous to the staff. Rav Benovitz highlighted the immense contributions made by the EMTs, Tech Staff, Sports Staff, Junior Madrichim, and Shoelei Umeshivim, all of whom received standing ovations from the NCSYers in recognition of their nonstop work and dedication to the program.

The day ended with the Kollel leaving campus to two locations. Half of the camp visited iJump, a trampoline park complete with facilities for dodgeball, basketball, and gymnastics all with a little more bounce. The rest went bowling a timeless classic which delighted those who wished to remain a little closer to the ground. Both trips were fantastic and the campers returned to camp happy and looking forward to the fantastic days remaining.