Chabura Spotlight: Eli Goldberg

Eli Goldberg is a former camper and CIT on NCSY Kollel. He returns this year for his second year as a Madrich. Eli attended DRS Yeshiva for high School, and Yeshivat Shaalvim for 2 years. Eli has his signature quirky attitude and world-class hasmada which he uses to inspire those around him. Eli will be teaching this summer about the moadim and hopes to combine the chinuch styles of two of the camp directors, Rabbi Benovitz and Rabbi Lebowitz.

Eli’s Chaburah is comprised of six members: Ari Rosenberg from Suffern, NY (MTA); Baruch Berger from Far Rockaway, NY (DRS); Josef Segal from East Brunswick, NJ (TABC); Shlomo Schwartz from Lawrence, NY (DRS); Isaac Shapiro from White Plains, NY (TABC); and Ariel Retter from Bergenfield, NJ (MTA); all of whom have shown tremendous growth and excitement for the learning so far.

Eli anticipates an amazing summer of learning, growth, and fun! It should be the Best Summer Ever!