Chabura Spotlight: Shimon Benaroch

Shimon Benaroch is an alumnus of NCSY Kollel as well as a former member of the sports staff. Shimon attended YULA High School for Boys, followed by 2 years in Mevaseret. Shimon brings a cool, calm, demeanor to the position as well as his refined attitude. Shimon will be teaching his chabura about the moadim of the year, going through the Jewish Calender, trying to get a deeper understanding of the various festivals contained therein.
Shimon’s Chabura consists of five of Kollel’s finest: from Shimmie Kirsch Cedarhurst, NY; Andrew Shafer from Englewood, NJ; Ami Schreiber from Woodmere, NY; Noam Shapiro from Bbrookline, MA; and Yoshie Marcus from Boca Raton, FL.
Shimon anticipates an amazing summer of learning, growth, and fun! It should be the Best Summer Ever!