July 13th- Mishmar Madness

A rollercoaster week, filled with sports, learning,  and tiyulim, ended on a high note, with an awesome day of sports and learning, culminating in a packed Mishmar late into the night.

For many on NCSY Kollel, the day began normally, with morning shiurim in full swing.  For four shiurim, however, the morning was far more memorable.  The shiurim of Rabbi Gormin, Rabbi Freedman, and Rabbi Schulman left right after shacharis on a joint shiur trip to the Aish HaTorah center in the Old City of Yerushalayim.  There, they were privileged to hear a couple of amazing speeches on Judaism and leadership before returning to Kollel just in time for lunch.

The afternoon saw 40 basketball teams and all 12 hockey teams in action, highlighted by late game comebacks and overtime thrillers.  Everyone else had the option of joining our mini-tiyul leader, David Sperber, on a special trip to amunition hill, the historical battleground from the 6-day war, or go to play football in Kraft stadium.

Night seder was rocking, with chavrusahs during both hours filling the beis medrash, tent, and even some of the rocks outside.  This was followed by a packed house for Mishmar.  The back of the beis was filled with NCSYers and staff listening to Rav Burg’s famous parsha shiur, followed by multiple shiurim, including a special guest shiur by Rabbi Nosson Rich, former TABC Rebbe and current Rebbe in Yeshivat Torat Shraga.

There was still a full beis medrash at 11:30 PM when free Ben n’ Jerry’s was given out, and we couldn’t possibly think of a better end to the week.

We are excited to pick up where we left off Sunday morning after a relaxing and refreshing free weekend beginning tomorrow!