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August 15th- Final Countdown

NCSY Kollel August 15, 2019

Today was the final ‘regular’ day on the Kollel but there was certainly nothing regular about it at all. After a rocking final morning seder, all of the Rabbeim were called up to the front of the beis medresh for a picture while the NCSYers gave very leibodik applauses reflecting the tremendous hakaras hatov that they have for their Rabbeim. Rabbi Issacson deliverers words of inspiration on behalf of the Rabbeim.
Today was a packed afternoon. There was a mini tiyul to Meah Sheurim in which the NCSYers were given kugel and received some free time. There was also a trip to the famous Gezer softball field.

Back in Beit Meir, there was a wild pool party that was loads of fun. Today was also the playoffs. After reaching triple ot on Wednesday and not having time to complete their game, two teams picked up where they left off in a heated matchup. The semi finals for the basketball league was completed today and there is a buzz around the campus in anticipation of Friday’s championship game. The afternoon also included a Rebbe vs. Talmid basketball game in which the Rabbeim won by four points.
The final night seder ended off with a bang. After mariv, Rav Burg delivered his final shiur if the summer. After that, chaburahs met for special night chaburot. Then, Rabbi Lebowitz led his yearly siyum on a seder of mishnayot and spoke about the value and accomplishment that can occur by committing to learn just 2 Mishnayos a day. Rabbi Israeli also made a siyum after begging the 2 mishnayos a day last summer. The sit in procession was concluded by Zev Miller, a former Madrich and NCSYer on the program who made a small commitment 6 years ago and tonight completed Shas mishnayos. The night concluded with a lively Yis Richter lead kumzitz.