July 10th- The Old CIty

The second day of Kollel is in the books. The Morning began with Orientation as Rabbi Benovitz continued to familiarize the NCSYers with the day-today life of Kollel. at 11:45 the first interactions between NCSYers and their Morning shiur Rebbeim with a short session which laid the foundation for the relationships which will grow over the summer.


The afternoon saw an exciting chaburah-vs-chaburah tournament of “Time’s Up” as each ‘bura competed to see who was the quickest to the punch. After that, the first real sports action of the summer took place as scores of NCSYers and staff took to the courts for an extended pick-up basketball session.


After an early dinner, the NCSYers loaded onto buses for the main attraction of the day: a trip to the Old City of Yerushalayim. The group spent some free time in Mamila Mall and the Rovah, before gathering on the breathtaking roof of Aish Hatorah to tear Kriah and hear some words of inspiration from Rabbi Binyamin Kaminetsky.


After an inspiring maariv at the kotel, the group headed back to Beit Meir where another amazing day was ended.