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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Aharon Weiden

kurzy July 20, 2021

Aharon Weiden is currently enjoying his second summer on NCSY Kollel. He attended TABC and Mevaseret and is planning on attending Senter’s next year for Shana Gimmel. This is Aharon’s first year as a Madrich.

Aharon’s chabura is made up of 5 of the most geshmak guys around: Yochi Berger from Cedarhurst (MAY), Aharon Cohen from Brooklyn (MAY), Eitan Levi from Fort Lauderdale (Yeshiva of Miami), Evan Azeroual from Los Angeles (YULA), and Yitzi Aidelson from Woodmere (MAY).

This summer, Aharon’s chabura will be focusing on growing to become the best version of ourselves through learning Mesilas Yesharim together as well as learning and discussing different halachic questions that arise in our day to day lives. They will be learning about a variety of topics including must you pay for someone’s glasses which you broke accidentally, are you liable for damaging a trespasser, how to use the Ramchal’s guide to become the best Yid possible and much, much more. The goal of the learning is to be more knowledgeable in different halachic topics as well growing as an individual religiously.

The summer has been amazing so far and it should only get better from here!