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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Binyamin Glanz

NCSY Kollel August 7, 2021

Binyamin Glanz is currently enjoying his sixth summer on NCSY Kollel. He attended Ahavat Yisrael and Sha’alvim and is currently learning in Kollel. This is Binyamin’s first year as a Madrich.


Binyamin’s chabura includes some of the best guys around: Dani Stein from Chicago (Skokie Yeshiva), Benny Frank from Hollywood, Florida (KYHS), and Dovid Lanner from Boca Raton (KYHS).



This summer, Binyamin’s chabura will be focusing on tools in learning iyun. They learned about a variety of topics including Pikuach Nefesh on Shabbos, and much, much more. The goal of the learning is to gain tools and knowledge.

All of this has combined for what has continues to be an incredible summer!