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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Elli Spinowitz

NCSY Kollel August 6, 2021

Elli Spinowitz is currently enjoying his third summer on NCSY Kollel. He attended TABC and Sha’alvim and is planning on attending YU next year. This is Elli’s first year as a Madrich.

Elli’s chabura includes some of the best guys around: Shai Hochbaum from Bergenfield (MTA), Eitan Laub from West Orange (TABC), Avi Landsman from Teaneck (MTA), Eli Dreyfuss from Cedarhurst (MAY), and Dovi Mandelbaum from Cedarhurst (MAY).

This summer, Elli’s chabura will be focusing on going through inyanim and sugyas that come up as we go through a regular weekday. They will be learning about a variety of topics including netilas yadayim, tzitzis, and birchas hatorah as soon as we “wake up”. Then when we “get to school”, we will speak about tefillin, tefilla, and Talmud torah. Then, as we “come home” we will speak about kibud av va’em, and much, much more. The goal of the learning is together as a chaburah, we will try to get to love to learn and to be excited about learning and our avodas Hashem. Specifically, in learning our goal is to not fear seeing a lot of text, to be comfortable with new material, and to be ready and excited for the challenge.

All of this has combined for what has been an incredible summer!