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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Benji Simon

NCSY Kollel August 12, 2022

Coming from London where he attended JFS high school and then having spent 3 years in Sha’alvim, Benji Simon is loving it in his first year on NCSY Kollel as a madrich.

He couldn’t believe his luck when he met and got to know his chabura: Moshe Horn (Israel), Shuki Shafran (New York), Simcha Uretsky (LA), Shai Warso (Chicago) and Noam Abramson (LA). Apart from the incredible friendship, these guys made with each other, as if they had known each other since birth, they also pushed and inspired each other to grow in their avodas Hashem in the most positive and caring manner.

They have delved into core and fundamental topics such as ‘Onas devarim’, ‘Dan lekaf zechus’ and ‘Why we are on the planet’ which all focus on understanding how human beings work and hence how to become not only closer to Hashem but to also develop better relationships with those around you.

To say it simply, the guys have been killing it in every possible way and the summer should only get better (if that’s even possible) from here on!