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Chabura Spotlight: Yitzchok Lowy

NCSY Kollel August 12, 2022

This chaburah spotlights Yitzchok Lowy’s chaburah, which is the team to beat and hasn’t lost a game all summer.
Coming in at PG, all the way from Baltimore (TA), is Yair “the archive” Ziffer. Constantly writing notes, he can tell you anything that’s been said this summer.
At SG, also from Baltimore (TA) we got Yaakov “the fact-checker” Levenbrown. Always making sure nothing false is said during chaburahs, he contributes greatly to emes aspect of chaburahs.
At PF standing at 5’11 is the Israeli himself Adir Seiferas. Living in the holy city of Yerushalayim, Adir is making sure none of us chas v’shalom decide to live in chutz la’aretz full time.
Coming in at SF, also from Baltimore (TA), is Noam “yidius” Schulman. Always bringing raayas and questions left and right, enhancing the quality of what’s being said.
Lastly, standing at Madrich is Yitzchok Lowy. Freshly out of Shana Bet, at Yeshivat Hakotel this marks his 2nd summer on Kollel. Originally from NY, he starts his YU journey this upcoming fall.

This summer, the burah has been discussing more fundamental topics that help them grow both on and off the court. This includes the importance of happiness, simplifying why people should be keeping mitzvos in general, how we can be taking more advantage of our time, why it’s so important that we use our speech in a positive way and the value of Talmud Torah and Olam Habbah.

This chaburah has been killing it so far and hopes to keep up the good work as the summer comes to a close.