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Chabura Spotlight: Yonatan Kurz

NCSY Kollel August 12, 2022

Yonatan Kurz is spending his third summer in Beit Meir as a member of the NCSY Kollel, and second as a madrich, in addition to concurrently serving as Chief of PR and Head of Night Seder on the North Campus. After growing up in Teaneck and attending TABC, Yonatan spent two years in Sha’alvim, and is about to start his senior year at YU, where he is learning in Rav Rosensweig’s shiur.

Yonatan’s chabura is comprised of some incredibly talented and high-caliber guys, each of whom contributes in a unique way that bolsters the group, pushing them even further as a collective whole. Eitan Book (Bergenfield, TABC) is the Chabura Masmid and can always be relied upon, with a remarkable ability to give lucid explanations to any question. Elan Berner (New Milford, TABC) is usually able to provide a sharp insight or witticism to the conversation, ensuring that the chabura continues to move further in the topic. Shlomo Ganz (Boca Raton, KYHS) is the spark plug of the group, bringing excitement, exhilaration, and enthusiasm to the ‘bura on a daily basis that keeps them pumped for whatever is to come next. Zachy Gross (Boca Raton, KYHS) is always a step ahead of the game and can be depended upon for a profound suggestion that is often reflected by a source to be discussed later by the group. And finally, Chaim “Cash-Back” Grunhaus (Baltimore, TA) provides the glue that holds the bura together, electrifying the chevra with his charisma and engaging anecdotes.

This summer, Yonatan’s chabura is focusing on a myriad of Orach Chaim-related topics, with a special focus on Inyanei Shabbos. Over the course of these past few weeks, the group has covered a dazzling array of subjects, including “Signing Shabbos to a Long-Term Extension – A Deeper Look at מלווה מלכה,” “Bready to Start the Meal – Breaking Down the Mitzvah of לחם משנה,” and “An Aliyah A Day Keeps the מלאך המות Away – The Importance of שנים מקרא.” Using a combination of lomdus, machshava, and halacha, as well as extensive flow charts to map out the topics, the group seeks to carefully examine and analyze these commandments and ideas. Additionally, the group will often engage in an “Around the Horn” discussion where a question related to the sugya or halachic is posed and then thrown around the chabura to exhibit an impressive variety of answers. This engages the group in a lively and vibrant dialogue that, in turn, develops a nuanced understanding of the topic as a whole.

Additionally, on Shabbos, the chabura delves into different hakdamos (introductions) of various sefarim relating to the content learned during the week, including the Sugatchover Gaon’s Eglei Tal, the Chofetz Chaim’s introduction to the third cheek (section) of Mishnah Berurah, and Rav Moshe Feinstein’s Iggros Moshe, as well as a biography of their lives. This serves as a way of glimpsing into the lives of these Gedolim as well as delving into these incredible works that often fly under the radar.

All of the incredible learning and camaraderie has enabled the chabura to enjoy what can only be described as an amazing summer, with even more great things to come!