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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Ari Kaminetzky

NCSY Kollel August 11, 2023

Ari Kaminetzky is having an amazing time in his fourth summer on NCSY Kollel, and second as a Madrich. Ari, from Teaneck NJ, went to TABC for high school before heading to Sha’alvim for two transformative years. Ari will be going into his second year of YU this upcoming fall.

To the outside eye, Ari’s Chabura might look pretty standard but if one got to know each guy it is obvious that they’re each extremely unique. Starting with the Chef, on the court and in the kitchen as well, from Efrat, we got Ariel Bender (Orot Yehuda). No matter what the topic at hand is, Ariel’s drive to find the Emes is an inspiration to the rest of the Chabura. Next, from the Yeshivishe city of Toronto, we got Jack/Zusha/Sydney Rosenblum (Darchei). Jack’s ability to know how to “bit” around while still being a serious Masmid is something that the rest of the Chevra truly looks up to. Rounding out the squad we got the three Tabc Buchrim. Starting with Ezra Noam Becker (Teaneck) whose passion and humor always has the Bura in store for a treat. Next, we got the MVP and more importantly the NIT Champ Aiden Rauzman (Teaneck). Aiden’s ability to know how to chill but also when to lock has been a huge tone setter for the Bura. Finally the Baal Minagen himself (check out his song Ana Hashem), we got Yosef Shell (Bergenfield) who is always looking for different ways to connect to HKBH. 

This summer the Bura’s Limud has been focused on Teffilah. Starting from day one with the first Mishna in the 5th Perek of Brachos which set the tone for what Tefilah is really about. Other topics that have been discussed is Birchas HaTorah, Birchas Hashachar, and of course Shema and Shemoneh Esrei. 

The Bura has had an amazing Summer thus far and is looking forward to building off this energy and keeping in touch for years to come!!