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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Binny Freundlich

NCSY Kollel August 11, 2023

Binny Freundlich is currently enjoying his fourth summer on NCSY Kollel. He attended Hebrew Academy of Montreal followed by Shaalvim and is currently learning in YU. This is Binny’s third year as a Madrich. 

Binny has the best group of post 11th graders in the bura this summer! Hailing from Teaneck is the most famous rapper in the New Jersey area, someone who lives his entire life in the world of olam habbah, R’ Micah Cyrulnik (TABC). The Florida contingent in the Chaburah is very strong, with Eitan Goldsmith jamming out from North Miami Beach, and will create a song (while wearing his sun glasses) before you can even blink (Ohr Hatorah). Right there with him is none other then Binyamin Fish, swimming in from Miami Beach, always smiling and shteiging and adding great energy to the chaburah (Ohr Hatorah). Next up is Doniel Austein, all the way from Woodmere, NY. Doniel is often compared to legends like R’ Yisroel Kaminetzky along with R’ Saquon Barkley, and it is a great honor to have such a presence in the bura (DRS). Coming in at a whopping 6 foot 6 is Eli Eisenberg from North Woodmere. Eli adds more than just height to the chaburah, with his extra large logos, he really is the one who threads the needle, keeping us all together (DRS). Last but certainly not least, Ariel Mayer coming from Queens, NY. Ariel embodies the statement that there ain’t nothing like the last minute. Despite his late arrival, Ariel has already made a tremendous impact on the chaburah (DRS). 

Together, the chaburah studied rigorously, and have analyzed many important sugyas in depth. They have really delved into the world of Mamarei Chazal such as “the ceiling is the roof” and “what goes around, goes around”. 

The Chabura have really had an פרי׳ מורי׳ time, and they can’t wait to finish the summer strong!!