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Chabura Spotlight: Eitan Warburg

NCSY Kollel August 10, 2023

Eitan Warburg is very much enjoying his fifth summer on NCSY Kollel, his third as a madrich. Hailing from Teaneck, NJ, Eitan has attended MTA for high school, Sha’alvim for two years, and is now in Yeshiva University. 

Annnnnnnd now…The Starting lineup for your World Champion, Outta Town Bnei Torah!! 

At Forward, from SCY High (San Diego), standing at 5’10, the one and only Nadav Aron! The Man in the Middle, from Farber Academy (Detroit), at 6’1, Shmuel Schottenstein! All the way from Cooper (Memphis), at guard, 5’8, Rafi Goldkin! At 5’7, from Farber Academy (Detroit), bringing the energy, Gideon “cheers” Lopatin! 

This summer, Eitan’s chabura is focusing on how to infuse תורה in our daily life activities with the goal of becoming true בני תורה. We are learning a variety of topics including תפילה, halachik aspects to different sports scenarios and the beauty of שבת along with many other halachik and hashkafik topics relating to one’s daily life. In addition, we entered the world of certain thought provoking sugyos such as אדם מועד לעולם, שואל שלא ברשות and שומר חנם. 

In addition to the regular chabura slot, the chevra decided that it was time to add another limud. The chabura decided to learn Mishna Yoma, with the hope of connecting more to the churban, relating more to the Yom Kippur davening and having a limud that continues beyond the summer bez”H! 

It has been incredible to see how much the chevra has grown so far in both their knowledge of תורה and their מידות with even bigger and better things just around the corner as we enter the final week of an extraordinary summer. We are looking forward to our continued success in Beit Meir and beyond!