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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Eli Rockoff

NCSY Kollel August 11, 2023

Eli Rockoff grew up in West Hempstead, NY and attended DRS for high school and then most recently spent two years learning at Yeshivat Hakotel. After the summer, he plans to continue his studies at YU. 

Eli feels incredibly fortunate to be back at NCSY Kollel, serving as a madrich. Having been an NCSYer on Kollel himself, Eli deeply appreciates the impact that dedicated advisors can have on the campers’ lives and is eager to give back to the NCSYers in the same way they did for him. 

One of Eli’s primary focuses this summer is to build a strong and cohesive camaraderie within his chabura. He is thrilled to be leading a group of truly exceptional guys including: Chanoch Book from Monsey (Ohavei Torah); Gavriel Cohen from Fairlawn (TABC); Akiva Fox from Teaneck (MTA); Aryeh Schimel from Clifton (Heichal Hatorah) and Mayer Schwartz from Teaneck (MTA). The summer has already been fantastic and in just a short time, the chabura has already fostered strong connections and friendships. 

The learning focus of Eli’s chabura is to delve into fundamental and thought-provoking sugyas in machshava, exploring the essence of Jewish identity and the reasons that underlie our actions as Jews. The NCSYers are engaging in stimulating discussions, addressing questions like “Who are we?”, “What do we do?”, and “Why do we do it?”. The topics covered, such as the purpose of creation, bechiras am yisrael, ta’amei hamitzvos, and talmud torah k’neged kulam, are profound and provide the NCSYers with a deeper understanding of their Jewish identity and values. 

As the summer progresses, we are looking forward to continuing to grow together and are excited to build lasting memories and bonds that will extend well beyond our time at NCSY Kollel.