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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Gabe Kurlander

NCSY Kollel August 11, 2023

Gabe Kurlander is enjoying his very first summer on NCSY Kollel. He attended HAFTR and Sha’alvim and is planning on going to YU next year for his first year.

Gabe’s Chabura includes some of the best guys around: Yoni Posner from Woodmere (DRS), Yosef Razi from Great Neck (DRS), Netanel Schechter from Bergenfield (MTA), and Ezra Weiss from Staten Island (Heichal).

This summer, Gabe’s Chabura will be focusing on a mixture of Lumdus, Halacha, Machshava, and Chassidus. Some of the sugyas include the Kavana in Tefilla, Simcha in Talmud Torah, the importance of every Jew, the Kedusha of Shabbos, the Chiyuv of a Ben Torah outside the walls of the Beis Medresh, cool paradoxes in Halacha, and much much more. The goal of the learning is to gain Yediyus Hatorah while at the same time cultivating middos and an ability to see the world through Torah Lenses. 

Baruch Hashem, Gabe’s Chabura have clicked instantly and have been enjoying their Gishmak Morning Seder, post-Chabura rikud, and their chills outside the beis. All of this has combined for what continues to be an incredible summer! Chasdei HaShem!!