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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Henry Mann

NCSY Kollel August 11, 2023

Henry Mann went to SAR High School, attended Aish Gesher for 2 years and begins Ner Yisrael after Kollel ends. This is his first year as a madrich and in fact, on kollel as a whole.

Eli Moshe Goel is from the Valley in LA and goes to YULA for high school. Moshe Razi is also from LA and goes to YULA High School. Yair Zelle goes to Frisch and lives in Teaneck Akiva Rotenberg also goes to Frisch and lives in Teaneck. Jeremy Shindel is from Baltimore and attends Beth Tfiloh High School. 

In Chabura they are taking a journey through our incredible Mesorah and rich Jewish history. Starting with the last of the Zugos, Hillel and Shamai and the tannic age, taking stops at the Rambam and Arizal and all sorts of other important links in the chain up until today. The chabura is framing our rich history using exciting aggadic (story style) Gemara, historical anecdotes and Torah produced by the ‘Gadol’ (Tanna, Rishon or Acharon) of interest in order to best frame the life of each unique and essential individual. 

The summer has been a growth filled yet a blast of a summer and it should continue to be experiential proof of learning, ball, and fun going hand and hand.