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About The Trip

Eitan Pfeiffer

NCSY Kollel really provides every kid with an awesome summer. Whether it’s playing ball, in morning shiur, or chaburahs, everyone is there to grow and have the best time. There is always positive vibes anywhere around NCSY Kollel, everyone is treated like family.

Yitzy Lanner

The warm and friendly environment which was created by every member of NCSY Kollel was truly something you can’t find anywhere else. This amazing atmosphere is what allowed me to be able to learn, play ball, and really thrive throughout the whole summer.

Gavi Arnell

Going on Kollel was an incredible opportunity for me. I want to thank everyone who got me there for letting me experience something I’ve never experienced before. Who wouldn’t like a trip all around Israel? But what made it awesome was all the guys I got to meet, connect, and learn Torah every day with was what really made Kollel 2017 the fantastic experience it was. #Mechinacrew

Avery Amster

NCSY Kollel was one of the greatest experiences of my life. There is no other place like it. Learning in the morning, sports in the afternoon, learning at night, and great tiyulim along the way. It’s really just amazing.

Zvi Kaminetzky

“While enjoying every minute, NCSY Kollel presented me with an environment to grow in and realize that I can accomplish so much more than I thought I was capable of.”

Max Pollack

“NCSY Kollel is an experience like no other. Combining the best tiyulim and the some of best rabeim on the planet there is so much to take away from a mere six weeks.”

Noam Posner

“NCSY Kollel was the best and most productive summer of my life. It gave me a chance to learn and grow religiously, while playing competitive sports, experiencing great tiyulim, and making many new, lifelong friends. This was an amazing program and I would recommend it to anyone.”