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About The Trip

Top Reasons to go on Kollel

Jam-packed Itinerary

Based in Beit Meir, Israel, Kollel makes sure that you don’t miss out on anything. It offers options for every taste and interest, from the holy historical sites to refreshing water hikes, and from the hills to the deserts and everywhere in between. Teens also enjoy intense hikes, water parks, swimming and boating.

Perfectly Balanced Summer

Kollel features unique learning with outstanding Torah leaders, fantastic rabbeim and talented madrichim in unbeatable combination with competitive sports and a wide range of tiyulim (trips).

Incredible Staff

Each staff member is carefully selected to ensure that not only will you have someone to learn with, but you will also have someone to look up to. With a 1:3 staff ratio, you’re virtually guaranteed the warm, personal attention and genuine relationships that are so indispensable for true growth.

Diverse Groups of Teens

You’ll meet, learn and interact with teens from all over the United States. Your new closest friends may come from somewhere you never expected. A summer on NCSY Kollel broadens our social circles and creates bonds for life.

Meaningful And Awesome Summer

On Kollel, you will spend six-weeks studying Torah and growing in your Judaism while touring Israel and developing friendships that last far beyond the summer. It is no surprise that many of our teens return for a second and third summer. Many Kollel staff members are also former participants.