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About The Trip

Yaldei Ohr

A brand new elite track of Kollel! NCSY Kollel Yaldei Ohr track is an all-boys leadership program on Migdal Ohr’s Zoharim campus in Israel. Volunteers spend a month living and working with their Zoharim brothers – Israeli at-risk youth, building and fostering meaningful relationships with their Israeli counterparts through activities which include learning, sports, carpentry, horseback riding, working in a winery. Participants will have the option to extend their stay for 3 additional weeks on the Beit Meir NCSY Kollel campus.

  • Ambassadors of change – This is a hands on opportunity to make your mark. Through peer-to-peer chessed with the Zoharim teens, you have the opportunity to take part in shaping their future and impacting Israeli society.  These Zoharim boys go on to contribute to their communities and to the state of Israel, many of whom  serve in elite units in the IDF and become engaged citizens of Israeli society.  Through Kollel Yaldei Ohr- you have the opportunity to become a true ambassador of change- impacting not just the boys of Zoharim- but Israeli society at large.
  • Volunteer and Leadership Experience in one – Kollel Yaldei Ohr provides an opportunity to volunteer and gain leadership skills.  This is an excellent experience to add to your college resumes – engaging in leadership training through immersion and volunteering with underprivileged populations in need.
  • Exclusive, select group of guys – This program is an exclusive and elite program. Due to the intimate nature of the program- the impact is even greater, enabling  personal development and leadership experience.
  • Transformative experience – creating long lasting relationships with Israelis by living with them,  guiding them, playing sports and having fun and meaningful experiences together. This experience is a transformative one for you and for the Zoharim youth as you  learn from each other and grow from this very special hands-on time together.

Immerse in influencing Israeli society through chesed, fun and high level Torah learning- In a year where due to the pandemic, many of the hands-on and direct chesed opportunities were not possible, and where the experience of feeling and living Israel wasn’t as simple- these three weeks provide an immersion like no other- an opportunity to live with Israelis, do chesed, learn and have fun.

About Migdal Ohr

Migdal Ohr was founded in 1972 by Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman, recipient of the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement and known around the world for loving every Jew and caring for children who have lost their way and been abandoned by the communities they come from.  Migdal Ohr is now one of Israel’s largest orphanages, raising Israel’s at risk and most vulnerable youth to become thriving, successful adults. Migdal Ohr’s network of services and programs provide everything from a child’s most basic needs – clothing, medical care, family structure, and emotional support –  to education, vocational training, mentorship, and more.  Migdal Ohr’s tens of thousands of students are thriving in the workforce and building strong families of their own, having a profound impact on the State of Israel and the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world.

About Zoharim- Migdal Ohr

In 2012, Migdal Ohr initiated a new and unique project intended to cater to ultra-Orthodox youth who had dropped out of their traditional educational environments, Yeshivot

The Zoharim Agricultural-Educational Youth Village provides a safe home and stable working environment for at-risk, orthodox boys. It supplies them with a holistic educational framework, comprised of both a high-level education and special vocational training. It serves as a home, school and workplace for these teens who so far have been unable to succeed elsewhere. The objective of this revolutionary program is to empower students and inspire them to build the self-confidence necessary to lead happy and productive lives.

The project aims to support these boys and lead them to a significant change in their lives, taking them from the streets and on to a brighter future. The goal is that once the boys complete their studies, they will go on to serve their country, living as independent, employable individuals who will contribute positively to their community and country. The majority take and pass their matriculation exams, serve in the IDF and actively take a responsible role in shaping not only their personal future but the future of Israel.