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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight – Menachem Mermelstein

NCSY Kollel August 8, 2017

On top of a hill in a far away land, planted right in front of the most sought after air conditioner in camp, one can find one of the most dynamic Chaburahs in all of NCSY Kollel. Led by Menachem Mermelstein from Manhattan, NY, a proud alumnus of MTA, KBY and the Mir Yeshiva, seven post eleventh graders are guided through an intense study of sugyas in shas relating to rov, chazaka, and sfeikos.

Each Chaburah member provides a unique personality which allows the Chaburah to thrive and grow together. Asher Schreier (Woodmere, DRS) brings the fun and energetic attitude, which is key to pumping up the guys. Jakey Friedman (West Hempstead, DRS), cool, calm and collected, yet ready at all times to stir the pot if need be, is one of the hardest workers in the group. Ari Cohen (Boca Raton, KYHS) is the Chaburah’s designated reader, which, coupled with his thoughtfulness and diligence, makes him a powerful force. Yoni Grossman (West Hempstead, Rambam) is the resident expert on anything rov and chazaka, while also bringing a pleasant yet intense attitude to Chaburahs every day. Zeve Kornwasser (Teaneck, MTA) can be found learning in the beis at all hours of the day while also leading his hockey squad deep into the playoffs, which can only be attributed to his tremendous work ethic. Yehuda Benovitz (Ramat Beit Shemesh, DRS), in between knocking down big three pointer after big three pointer, can be found getting the Chaburah going with his on point questions and answers to the hardest questions that the Chaburah faces, in addition to all the witty comments sprinkled in throughout the day. Lastly, Ezra Rotblat (Teaneck, TABC) is the guy who makes all the magic happen, with his incredible ability to take all the personalities in the Chaburah and create one cohesive unit, all while working tirelessly to make sure that he understands every detail in every sugya.

The Chaburah is looking forward to finishing the summer on a high note, and being able to use all that they have gained to enhance their senior year, while creating relationships that will last for years to come.